About Fomex Corporation

Our company Fomex Corporation, is an old company dealing in Umbrellas and Umbrella Components from the past 17, years now. We have expertise relating to the printing of fabrics for Umbrellas, Umbrella components such as Umbrella frames, Umbrella Fabrics,Garden Umbrella stands  and any other products relating to Umbrella.
We focus on the Quality production of the Umbrella so that our customer is satisfied and the Umbrella can become a long term asset rather than just mere advertising product.
Advertising Umbrellas are now in this ever cost rising marketing and advertising environment the best and the most cost effecting way to promote any product or company. Umbrella can be used for various advertising  purposes such as exhibitions, conferences, golfing events, corporate events and trade shows.
Morover we have the best knowledge in fabric printing, umbrella making and all in house production so that we can control the quality as per the needs of our clients, as we do all the things ourselves rather than  outsourcing it it is very cost affective and we can give you the best prices.
We excel and have expertise in all kinds of straight umbrellas maily Advertising garden umbrellas which are available in different sizes such as 36*8, 40*8,42*8 and 48*8 and we also expertrise in all kinds of handy straight umbrellas such as Wodden Umbrellas, Golf Umbrellas, Fiber Umbrellas, Metal Umbrellas, and hockey stick umbrellas
With our immense production team and company sources we promise to give you the best quality of Umbrellas at the most competitive prices.

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